Monday 20. September 2021

Social investment in young Europeans

European Commission

The 4th European Demography Forum examines youth guarantees.

A step towards a more social Europe?

European Commission

“European economic governance needs to be balanced by a social dimension,”stated representatives of the Churches in Europe at a meeting with the Irish EU Presidency in Dublin on 8 March.

Winning over the people of Europe to Europe

European Union

“We Europeans are united in peace, to pursue happiness and prosperity for ourselves and for the whole world.”

EU Working Time Directive – an evergreen on the EU agenda?

European Union

The shelves have been tidied, the goods have been ordered, the book-keeping is done. Now the shop assistant in an ordinary shop is waiting for the next customer to walk in. Is this waiting time part of working time?

The Commission fails to mention cooperatives

European Commission

160,000 cooperatives in Europe employ 5.4 million Europeans. The “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan” seems to have been sidelined.

Draft Directive on the quota for women on supervisory boards: A great success?

European Commission

15% is the proportion of women among non-executive directors and members of supervisory boards of companies listed on the stock exchange in the EU-27 countries. The proportion of women on management boards is even lower, at 8.9% throughout Europe. It does not take a mathematical genius to see that this is not a lot.

The eradication of poverty in a time of crisis

Frank Turner SJ

In phases of expansion, the poor are the last to gain; in recession they are among the first to suffer.

Giving better recognition to non-formal and informal learning in Europe

European Commission

At least since the time when the concept of “life-long learning” has served to define European education policy, skills and abilities that can be acquired outside the formal education systems have assumed increasing importance.

Re-imagining imprisonment in Europe

European Union

The prison system is challenged in Europe because it is been unhelpful in promoting offenders’ reintegration into society. Alternatives to prison are very much needed.

Towards a job-rich recovery

European Commission

The Commission proposes a package of measures and recommendations that will lead to job creation; it envisages funding from the Structural Funds.

Are household services a way out of the crisis?

European Commission

A public consultation by the European Commission on increasing employment and quality in the sector should provide some insights.


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