Monday 20. September 2021

Excluding the burqa and niqab from the public space ?

European Court of Human Rights

A very tiny number of women in France would wear the burqa or niqab. For the European Court of Human Rights, the French ban on such clothing does not violate human rights.

Revolutionising EU justice policies?

European Commission

The collective imagination associates the EU with tough decisions on the economy and finance. Not everyone knows that it is also capable of impacting on the important area of justice.

What will become of Syria?


A syrian priest reports back on the situation in the country.

Religious Freedom: new Guidelines

EEAS External Action Service

The EU Foreign Affairs Council has adopted the “EU Guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief“, a practical non-binding handbook for its EU Delegations and Representations.

The EU and the “Arab Spring”: the case of Libya

European External Action Service

Libya is in the midst of armed chaos with an absence of State authority. There is a government which exists on paper and sometimes on TV rather than a real institution that exercises its authority on the ground.

The spotlight turns again on the Cross

European Court of Human Rights

Just a couple of years after the big debate about Crucifixes in Italian schools, the Cross is again the subject of a much commented decision of the European Court of Human Rights.

Religious expression in the public sphere

European Court of Human Rights

Rather than seeing these cases principally as attacks upon religious expression in the workplace, it may be more useful to view them as inevitable elements of our public conversation.

Religious Freedom: a new set of tools

European External Action Service

Action and more effective mechanisms are urgently needed to fight more effectively the increasing violations of freedom of religion in the world. The EEAS is now about to be offered a new set of tools.

EU Human Rights Guidelines on the Protection of Religious Freedom

European External Action Service

The EU needs to strengthen its policy on the Freedom of Religion or Belief since it is the pinnacle of all other freedoms and closely connected to many other fundamental rights and freedoms.

Reinforcing religious freedom through asylum

European Court of Justice

Religious freedom cannot be reduced to its private dimension, but its various manifestations in the public space are also an essential component.

Egypt’s presidential elections and the Copts

European Union

The electoral results have plunged part of this country, especially its Christian community, into uncertainty.


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