Tuesday 21. September 2021

Epikeia – better justice for Europe

European Union

2013 is the “European Year of Citizens”. This year was nominated to raise public awareness about the rights and obligations of Union citizenship. But how can and should EU citizens understand and maintain their rights and obligations?

Reading History

Fr Patrick Daly

“History”, in the view of Henry Ford whose invention of the Model T was itself to change the course of history, is ‘bunk.’

Religious expression in the public sphere

European Court of Human Rights

Rather than seeing these cases principally as attacks upon religious expression in the workplace, it may be more useful to view them as inevitable elements of our public conversation.

“Tišma’s dog”

Michael Kuhn

“We are stuck on an ice floe as if frozen, not knowing what action to take as we drift along downriver.”

The crisis as an opportunity for a necessary deepening of Europe

Michael Kuhn

Fear not only resonates with the siren songs of the populists but also masks the possible consequences of populism and nationalism, whose solutions to the crisis seem to be rooted more in confrontation than in collaboration.

The oldest town twinning in Europe

Church in Europe

Today there is a wide network of towns and regions working together to promote a united Europe. In this context it would be only right to make reference to one of the oldest twinning arrangements in Europe, that of Le Mans with Paderborn, which has lasted almost twelve centuries!


Member States

The Political Critique of ‘Multiculturalism’

‘Multiculturalism’ is a vague term and an easy target - but what is being commended as the remedy?


Frank Turner SJ

Seeing ourselves as others see us

If you want to know why Europeans belong in a single community, visit any one of Britain's great medieval


European Union

The rise of populist movements in Europe: A general trend with different root causes

The COMECE bishops, worried by this phenomenon that they have


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