Monday 20. September 2021

Christians in the Arab World: One year after the Arab Spring

European Union

On Wednesday 9 May, the EPP and ECR political Groups of the European Parliament co-organised together with COMECE a half-day Seminar on Christians in the Middle East and North Africa.

Congo:legislative initiatives in the mining sector

European Commission

The European Commission is studying the appropriateness and the content of new European legislation relating to ‘blood minerals’ that are probably financing and prolonging armed conflict in different regions of the world.

Viewpoint on Morocco

European Commission

Morocco has "exploited" the signals of the Arab Spring to turn it to its own advantage, a learning experience, a stronger commitment to address the social contradictions of wealth and poverty.

The exchange of gifts between Europe and Africa

Piotr Mazurkiewicz

During last year the attention on our thinking about Africa was focused on the north of the continent with the so-called Arab Spring.

Africa, an EU strategic partner

European Union

The ’objectification’ of Africa and her peoples should be avoided.

The Dynamics of Conflict in Nigeria

EU External Action Service

For Nigerian Christians, last Christmas and the days that followed have been a nightmare. Christian communities have become the sole target of Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists group.

The future of Christians in the Middle East

Piotr Mazurkiewicz

On 18 and 19 November 2011, a group of MEPs from different European Parliament party groups organised the first top-level parliamentary conference on the theme “The future of Christians in the Middle East”.

The European External Action Service and Africa

European External Action Service

If the EEAS is struggling it is largely because the EU’s politics, not least towards Africa, lacks coherence.

Enlargement Strategy 2011-2012 of the EU

European Union

On October, 12th the European Commission released its yearly communication on enlargement, stressing the potential of the accession process to trigger transformation in the candidate countries.

Refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria: what sort of welcome awaits exiles?

Jesuit Refugee Service

Anne Ziegler is a project coordinator at the St Vartan Centre (Jesuit Refugee Service) at Aleppo in Syria. She describes the alarming situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan.

Elections in Egypt: what outcome to expect ?

European Union

Drs. Cornelis Hulsman has been involved in non-partisan studies on Muslim/ non-Muslim relations in Egypt since 1976 and includes in his network senior Christian and Muslim leaders.


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