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Frank Turner SJ

The social market economy under new threat

Social protection instruments are essential so that ‘a dignified standard of living can be guaranteed to all citizens’. Part of the purpose of government is to ensure these and the obligation bears on the EU itself, not only on Member States.

European Parliament

The “mid-term reshuffle” of the European Parliament

The European Parliament has elected its President for the next two-and-a-half years.

European Commission

An Agenda for adequate, safe and sustainable pensions

The proportion of over-60s in the EU is growing by about two million people annually. Higher life expectancy, combined with the changeover of the baby boom generation from work to retirement, will have far-reaching economic and budgetary consequences in the EU.

European Commission

Family reunification Directive: a common Christian concern

In February 2012, COMECE and other Christian organisations published their Comments on the European Commission´s Green Paper on the right of family reunification of third-country nationals living in the European Union.

European Commission

Green thinking in the new EU budget

The European Commission has launched an ambitious proposal to assign 20% of the next budget period 2014 to 2020 to climate-related issues. In doing so the Commission is giving financial weight to the '2020 Strategy'.

European Commission

EU Commission sets the scene for the future of EU data protection laws

The objective of improving the standards in this regard is genuine but the general impression is that data protection laws need a lighter framework or ‘they will not fly’.

Church in Europe

Hildegard Burjan – a European woman and politician

On 29 January 2012 in Vienna, social pioneer and politician Hildegard Burjan was beatified in a solemn yet simple ceremony. Outside Austria, the name of Hildegard Burjan is little known – but her life and work deserve to be recognised throughout Europe.


A new President at the Head of COMECE

Cardinal Reinhard Marx has been elected to the Presidency of COMECE for a three year term of office. He will be assisted by four Vice Presidents.

Church in Europe

Solidarity as a principle of the European Union

This crisis goes back a long way, and if we blame ourselves for anything, it could be for not noticing it early enough and not exposing the destructive elements which have found their way into what in those days we still called our community.

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