Mittwoch 16. Januar 2019

Re-imagining imprisonment in Europe

European Union

The prison system is challenged in Europe because it is been unhelpful in promoting offenders’ reintegration into society. Alternatives to prison are very much needed.

Towards a job-rich recovery

European Commission

The Commission proposes a package of measures and recommendations that will lead to job creation; it envisages funding from the Structural Funds.

Are household services a way out of the crisis?

European Commission

A public consultation by the European Commission on increasing employment and quality in the sector should provide some insights.

Are quotas the way to achieve Equal Opportunities?

European Commission

Today, the share of women in leading positions, particularly in large companies, is low.

An Agenda for adequate, safe and sustainable pensions

European Commission

The proportion of over-60s in the EU is growing by about two million people annually. Higher life expectancy, combined with the changeover of the baby boom generation from work to retirement, will have far-reaching economic and budgetary consequences in the EU.

Hildegard Burjan – a European woman and politician

Church in Europe

On 29 January 2012 in Vienna, social pioneer and politician Hildegard Burjan was beatified in a solemn yet simple ceremony. Outside Austria, the name of Hildegard Burjan is little known – but her life and work deserve to be recognised throughout Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the tradition of Catholic Social Thought

Church in Europe

The recent report of the European Commission on Corporate Social Responsibility resonates with the innovative postulates of ‘Caritas in Veritate’.

European Commission focuses on social entrepreneurship

European Commission

“Social business is a good example of an approach to business that is both responsible and contributes to growth and jobs.”, according to European Commissioner Michel Barnier.

Opportunities for young people!

European Commission

More than 20% of job seekers under 25 in the EU are unable to find a job. For this reason, youth unemployment is twice that for the total work force in the EU.



Economic crisis : the reinvention of work

Church in Europe

Fr Henri Madelin’s thoughts on the meaning of human work while attending a conference on 8 December organised at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ‘Laborem exercens’ Encyclical.

Food distribution in the EU

European Union

A long-established programme to support people in need through the distribution of food is being threatened - precisely at a time of crisis.


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