Monday 20. September 2021

“Be active partners in creating a better, fairer society”


Cardinal Marx presents the Statement published on 20 March by the COMECE Bishops in view of the upcoming European elections.

In memoriam Gabor Tegyey sj

Church in Europe

The former Director of the then OCIPE - Office catholique d’information et d’initiatives pour l’Europe –died at the age of 83.

The European Parliament’s budgetary prerogatives

European Parliament

The European Parliament plays a full part in annual voting on the European budget, in drafting multiannual financial plans and in exercising budgetary control.

Any bets on 2014?

Fr Patrick H. Daly

It is fascinating to see how much the pundits who engage in forecasting the political weather as the year draws to a close got it right or wrong.

Escaping the crisis: the role of social policies in Europe

Social protection committee

Almost a quarter of the EU population finds itself at risk of poverty and social exclusion, according to a recent report from the European Social Protection Committee; and youth exclusion is a new social challenge.

A Fundamental Law for Europe in a time of crisis ?

European Union

Nowadays, the future of the EU is being much discussed. For the ‘Spinelli Group’ a federal EU based on a Fundamental Law is the best answer.

Europe and the sourcing of minerals

European Union

Mobile phones, computers, cars: three everyday products that contain minerals sourced outside Europe. Do consumers know of the links between conflicts and minerals?

The European Ombudsman

European Ombudsman

Promoting openness and accountability in the European Union.

September issues

Patrick Daly

The new political year starts this month. For many MEP’s it will be their last in the rue Wiertz.

The appeal to the “soul of Europe”

European Union

A metaphor, a misunderstanding, and their consequences.

Multiannual Financial Framework adopted

European Council

Form counts as much as content. A new version of this adage was provided at the end of June during the final negotiations on the future Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).


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